Now you can manage your social life and professional contacts in one App.

Whether it is keeping your contact information accurate, up to date and in one secure place, or the ability to choose whom you share what information with – UCM is your ultimate contact solution.

Any contact, any device, anywhere!


UCM works so you don't have to

Out of date contact data is frustrating and time-consuming. UCM works discreetly in the background to keep your contact details accurate and up to date.

Real time updates mean you will never lose touch with your contacts.

All your devices will be automatically updated as soon as a contact changes any of their details. When they change theirs, we change yours.

Secure cloud back up automatically across all your devices and platforms

Access everyone in your network, at any time, from any device you use - contact information is always available with UCM. …Even if you lose your phone!

Separate your personal life from your work life

Create personal and work profiles and decide exactly who you share particular contact details with.

Seamless communication across multi-platforms with a single record for each contact

Our simple icon-based tool - social media, text, phone, email, instant message and more, all from UCM. Communicate with your entire network from just one app.

Data is secure and privacy protected

Your data is encrypted and UCM will not sell your data to any 3rd parties.

Welcome to your ultimate contact solution

  • Keep all of your contact information up to date, in one single entry, and in one secure place.
  • Cleanses and merges your contact records.
  • Manage all your contact information to suit your personal and business demands.
  • Separate profiles – one for personal use, close family & friends and one for work
  • UCM means you will never lose touch with any of your contacts ever again!
  • Any device, any contact, anywhere*

*UCM is currently available on iOS & android, development is currently underway for Windows & Mac


Why do you ask for my email address?

We ask for your email simply to create an account for you.  We find your email address is much easier to remember than yet another username!

We also use this to email you should you forget your password.

We will never share your personal details.  Please view our Privacy section for further details.

What is the benefit of inviting my friends to use UCM?

One of the key benefits of UCM is the automatic updating of contact details from other UCM users within your network - if they too use UCM and update their telephone number or any other contact information, you get it automatically!  

The more contacts you tell about UCM the more up-to-date contact data you’ll have!

We also think its great product and would love your contacts to know about it also.

What information is being shared by UCM?

The information you listed on your Work Profile will be shared only with your own contacts who use UCM.

Your personal information in your Personal Profile is shared only with those contacts you have chosen to share this info with and also use UCM.

UCM will never share or sell your contact information with third parties.  Please view our Privacy section for further details.

Why do you ask me to connect to Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter?

We suggest you connect to your Social Profiles for two reasons:

  1. So you can chose to display your social accounts as part of your own profile
  2. So we can match any of your Contacts with your Social Contacts to merge and tidy your data

At UCM we aim to simplify your contacts by providing a single point of access to a Contact.

UCM will never post to your social accounts.

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